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Rota Wheels Canada, registered in 2016 as a division of DGIN International Corp., is the exclusive distributor and official representative for Rota Wheels in Canada.

Working with our parent company, we strive to provide the Canadian market with highly durable wheel alloys that sport the latest wheel designs, at the most affordable pricing levels. This is why Rota wheels is gaining tremendous popularity among the drift, circuit, and street-scene car enthusiasts.

Our goal is to develop a network of customer-centric resellers throughout Canada, providing our customers with the highest quality wheels and with the best customer service possible.



Designed with style and
performance in mind.

All Rota Wheels are manufactured by Philippine Aluminum Wheels Inc. (PAWI) - the Philippines' pioneer and leading alloy wheel manufacturer, and consistently listed in the country's top 600 corporations.

Since it started manufacturing Rota wheels more than 30 years ago, PAWI specialized in only one product - Rota alloy wheel. All of its resources and energies have been poured into making Rota the product that it is today - a world-class quality wheel, meticulously designed, and superbly engineered. A product that can be compared with the best out there - in style and performance.

Every Rota wheel has been manufactured using state of the art manufacturing technology, vigorous manufacturing processes and testing procedures/equipment to produce the highest level of quality wheels that exceed international standards (JWL & VIA).








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