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ROTA Wheel Weights

New for November Rota Wheel weight guide for everyone thats always asking for wheel weights of the rota wheels. When we have time we will add more to this rota wheel weight guide. The weights are listed in (LBS) if you were wondering. If you are looking for more wheel weights check out the wheel weight guide here.

Rota Attack Cast 15x6.5 10.0
Rota Attack Cast 17x7 15.5
Rota Aztec Cast 15x6.5 16.4
Rota Aztec Cast 16x7 19.0
Rota Battle Cast 17x7.5 18.0
Rota Circuit 8 Cast 15x6.5 12.0
Rota Circuit 8 Cast 16x7 15.5
Rota Competition Cast 15x6.5 16.8
Rota Competition Cast 16x7 19.6
Rota Formel Cast 16x7 17.7
Rota Grid Racing Cast 15x6.5 14.5
Rota Grid Racing Cast 16x7 16.0
Rota Manta Cast 15x6.5 16.5
Rota Manta Cast 16x7 17.6
Rota MSR Cast 15x6.5 16.9
Rota MSR Cast 16x7 17.2
Rota N1R Cast 16x7 17.7
Rota Retro Cast 15x6.5 14.0
Rota Slipstream Cast 15x6.5 11.9
Rota Slipstream Cast 16x7 14.5
Rota Stage 5 Cast 15x6.5 17.6
Rota Stage 5 Cast 16x7 20.1
Rota Subzero Cast 15x6.5 12.9
Rota Subzero Cast 16x7 14.5
Rota Subzero Cast 17x7 16.5
Rota Subzero Cast 17x7.5 16.9
Rota Tarmac Cast 17x7 19.0
Rota Tuner Cast 16x7 18.0
Rota Velo Cast 15x6.5 16.8
Rota Velo Cast 16x7 19.6

If your not sure what bolt pattern your car takes you can view a wheel fitment guide here.

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