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Rota Group N Wheels


Rota Group N Wheels are strong, light and Certified by VIA, JWL, and ISO. Rota wheels are mostly replica wheels of Spoon, Mugen, and VOLK Wheels. The Rota Group N wheels are Rotas most popular wheel and one of the best in there wheel lineup. Rotas are very popular with the JDM honda crowd for there good quality and value. It's very rare on race day to not see cars running rotas at the track. The Group N comes in Sports Bronze, Silver, Full Polish Steel Grey, Black, Steel Grey, Bronze, Flat Gun Metalic, White, Gun Metalic With Polished Lip, and the new awesome finish Steel Grey with full polished lip.

-List of Rota Group N Wheel Sizes & Colors.

GROUP N 1565 8X100 40 67.1 SILVER
GROUP N 1565 8X100 40 67.1BRONZE
GROUP N 1565 8X100 40 67.1 F.BLK.W/ RED LIP
GROUP N 15X6.5 40 8X100 67.1 GUNMETAL
GROUP-N 15X6.5 40 8X100 67.1 PLAIN FLT BLK

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